• 1961

    Hayati´s recording of “Secretamente” climbs to number two of the Turkish “Top Ten” and stays there for 10 weeks.

    A Swedish manager visiting Istanbul discovers Hayati and offers him a three-month tour of Sweden, a tour that lasts until today.

  • 1964

    Hayati starts singing with Carl-Henrik Norin, the Swedish saxophone-legend, and his band.

  • 1965

    Hayati makes his first recording in Swedish. “When you wish upon a star” or “Ser du stjärnan I det blå”.

  • 1968

    Hayati records a Swedish cover of Bobby Darin´s composition “Things” or “Sån´t”, that makes it up to number two on the “Svensktoppen” hitlist and stays there for 11 weeks.

  • 1973

    Returning home after a ten-week tour in England Hayati stars in a show at Berns and also records his first LP “Ha det så kul”.

  • 1974

    A new chapter in Hayati´s life starts when he opens the night-club “Hayati´s Café”. It becomes a success
    overnight and a waterhole for Hayati’s showbusiness friends. The singer does of course perform on special

  • 1983

    Means another turning point. Hayati starts also working as a manager, among others for Cornelis Vreeswijk.

  • 1985

    Hayati hosts the TV-special “Kvällen är din”. He records an LP with Sandviken Big Band and appears on “Notknäckarna” the immensely popular televisionshow.

  • 1988

    Time for Hayati to go back to his songcarreer. He has since then been touring Scandinavia and Europe working with big bands. He has been a soloist with the Danish Radio Big band, The Metropole Orchestra, the Skymasters, RIAS Big Band and many many more.

    He has also cooperated with international stars such as Herb Geller, Lex Jasper, Jigs Wigham,
    Chuck Findlay, Georgie Fame, Elaine Delmar, Jeanie Bryson and many others.

  • 1990

    Hayati cooperates a lot with American jazz legend Herb Geller. He records Herb´s musical “Playing Jazz” for NDR.
    They give two concerts at the jazzclub “Birdland” in Hamburg and at the Stockholm Jazz & Blues Festival.

  • 1994

    “The Crooner” Hayati´s CD with The Metropole Orchestra and NDR Big Band is released.

  • 1995

    Hayati is invited to Berlin to celebrate Frank Sinatra´s 80th birthday.

  • 1997

    A new CD is on the way and Hayati gives more than 40 “Sinatra” concerts with big bands.

  • 2000

    A new CD ” For all we know ” is released and gets very fine reviews. Hayati does work with piano players Claes Crona Monica Dominiuqe, Kjell Öhman, Jan Lundgren and many big bands.

  • 2001

    Hayati releases a new singe, “Alltid undrar/Beck´s Theme”. The song is composed by Adam Nordén who also wrote the music for the Beck movies ” The price of revenge” and “The man without a face”.
    The year ends with a concert in Tallinn with the Talinn Philharmony and The Estonian Dream Big band.Brittish singer Elaine Delmar and dutch conductor Lex Jasper participate.

  • 2002

    Hayati lands a minor role in a french movie, it´s his international movie debut!
    A new single with Adam Nordén´s composition “Sköna sommardagar” is released.

  • 2003

    Hayati lands another movie role, this time in an Israeli movie. He plays a Turkish politicalrefugée working as a construction worker.
    He sings the movie´s theme song “Djanim Djanim” with turkish lyrics.

  • 2004

    Hayati makes a concert tour with Jan Lundgren, Jacob Fischer and Jesper Lundgaard.A recording af the material is made in Copenhagen.

  • 2005

    Hayati has concert tour with Babben Larsson.
    A new cabaret “En rom och jude tack!” is performed at the Teaterstudio Lederman with Anne kalmering, Basia Frydman, Hans Caldaras and Hayati.
    Janne Ersson Big Band and Hayati start cooperating.

  • 2006

    Hayati goes on tour with East Capital. Carl Bild is one of the moderators.
    Hayati organizes the first Ladino Festival in Scandinavia.
    Yasmin Levy is the queen of the festival. Roza Zaragoza, Liat Cohen and Schmuel Refael are other foreign guests.

  • 2007

    The cd “The Copenhagen Session” is released. Hayati and Jan Lundgren give two concerts at Teaterstudio Lederman.

    Hayati goes to Paris to sing at the Jazzclub “Chez Papa”.

    He works with guitarrplayer Christer Karlberg

  • 2008

    Hayati meets Jan Sigurd on the island Ven. They start planning a CD with Jan´s compositions.

    Hayati goes to Paris in the fall for work at “Chez Papa”.

  • 2009

    Jan Sigurd and Hayati start recording the new CD in Malmö. Jan has a new song “För värmens skull”. It becomes the titelsong.

    Hayati goes back to Chez Papa in Paris.

    Hayati sings with Janne Ersson Monster Big Band.They make a concert tour i the north of Sweden

  • 2010

    Hayati´s and Jan Sigurd´s new CD is released and gets very good reviews.

    He does several concerts with Janne Ersson Big Band among others at the Casino Cosmopol in Göteborg.

    A new visit is made to Paris and Hayati sings at the Circle Suedois and Chez Papa.

  • 2011

    Hayati appears on the TV show “I love language” and talks about his background and the language Ladino, his mother tongue.
    The show is very well received and Hayati gets invitations to hold lectures from a few organizations.

    Chez Papa welcomes him twice and he sings at “Le Circle Suédois”

    Hayati is guestartist at the Casino Cosmopol, Göteborg. Janne Ersson Big Band plays

  • 2012

    Hayati gets an invitation to appear on the Festival for Jewish Culture and music in Paris.

    He will be singing on the 24th of june with the Isareli virtuoso Liat Cohen on guitar.

    Hayati is a guest of Växjö Big Band and Falkenberg´s Horn-ensemble. He visits Paris at the end of March for a concert at the Cercle Suedois and three nights at Chez Papa. Michel Legrand´s bas player Pierre Boussaguet plays with Hayati.

  • 2013

    Hayati´s concert in 7 Bilgeler, Selcuk in Turkey is very successful. The press and the public are delighted and Hayati is
    invited back for several concerts in 2014

  • 2014

    Hayati sings in Hamburg with the SwingIng Big Band, Lennart Axelsson is a guest.
    Isabella Lundgren and Hayati appear at Teaterstudio Lederman. Carefree Big Band plays.

  • 2015

    Hayati Kafe cooperates with Jan Lundgren and Klas Lindquist. Two sold-out concerts at Teaterstudio Lederman is a huge success. The occasion is to celebrate Frank Sinatra and Swedish clarinett-virtuoso Putte Wickman

  • 2016

    Hayati celebrates 60 years  as an artist with a concert at Fasching. Over 50 of Hayatis friends perform. Hayati sings with among authors with Per Ekdahl-Calle Bagge Big Band, Monica Dominique, Claes Crona. Jan Allan, Isabella Lundgren, Jan Sigurd, Hannah Svensson, Lovisa Lindkvist, AnnaLena Brundin are some of the guest artists.  Hayati på Fasching